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LaunchPort Welcomed Medtech Innovators to City Garage For a Fantastic Evening of Networking!

On Wednesday, March 29th, LaunchPort welcomed approximately 300 local VIP’s, visiting national judges, and competing teams from the Medtech Innovators East Coast Pitch Event to a reception at City Garage on Baltimore’s Port Covington peninsula. 850 companies applied from all over the world to compete in the event in Baltimore, with approximately 90 companies in Biotools/Medtech invited to present across three days at the IMET Center on the Inner Harbor. The reception was sponsored by LaunchPort, Abell Foundation, South Duvall Development and an anonymous Foundation donor active in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Guilford Brewery and Sagamore Spirits donated welcome refreshment!

LaunchPort included an open house of their 25,000 square foot manufacturing Venture Center that included their Resident and affiliated companies:

Astek Diagnostics (Diagnostics)
Coaptech (Gastroenterology)
Cooltech (Migraine Treatment)
Danae (3D Printing)
Early Charm (Venture Development)
Ecphora Capital (Venture Capital)
Exorenal (Home Dialysis)
Eyedea (Ophthalmology)
Galen Robotics (Surgical Robotics)
Lifesprout (Tissue Engineering)
Longeviti (Neurosurgery)
Materic Materials
Novel Microdevices (Diagnostics)
Periodic Breathing (Neuro-respiratory)
Ready Robotics (Industrial Robotics)
Renalert (Surgical Monitoring)
RPM Tech (Engineering/Design)
Vixiar Medical (Cardiopulmonary Monitoring)

LaunchPort Operations (Contract Manufacturing)

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