Mentoring & Consulting “I graduated from my medical device incubator – Now What do I do?”

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Validating value in the complex healthcare stakeholder markets

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Confirmation that the math makes sense

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Tools to become a successful contributor in bringing the innovation to the bedside

The LaunchPort is not just a piece of real estate.

It is the place where you move from idea incubation to launch – it’s covers the real work of crafting a company.

Validating product-market fit: human use factors & usability
Validating the revenue & reimbursement models
Building your product in a commercially & regulatory compliant way
Building your ecosystem & supply chain network
Demonstrating core market/operational competencies to investors & partners

Operational Support

LaunchPort Residents receive complimentary access to full quality system and operational template documentation that they can modify for their own QSR and manufacturing SOP’s. Access to Operations engineering, logistics and management personnel can assist in determining appropriate supply chain support.

Business Model Development

LaunchPort Residents and Prospects have access to world class experts in the development of medical device business models, based on Lean Start-up principles and private company commercialization. LaunchPort mentors in a range of Discovery, Validation, Verification and Execution phases that lead to company sustainability.

Corporate Business Advisors

We can help with development of your organization, as well as creation of business advisory and clinical advisor boards. The team has extensive relationships with the medtech ecosystem and can provide valuable support in developing your non-dilutive funding, investor and partnership strategies.

Group/Individual Training

Bob Storey, Managing Partner, has led discovery training for hundreds of start-up teams as the National medical device expert for the NIH I-Corps: the only instructor worldwide that has taught in every cohort since the the program’s inception in 2013. In addition, he has developed life sciences innovation programs for numerous US institutions, including those for Johns Hopkins, MD Anderson and University of Miami Medical School. He has instructed teams/companies in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America.

International Case Studies

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Korean Bio I-Corp

Over three years, in cooperation with the Korean Innovation Center, the South Korean National Research Foundation (NRF) and the Korean Entreprenuership Foundation (KoEF), numerous groups of Korean life sciences start-up companies required training in customer discovery techniques that could be applied both in Korea and the United States. The MVR Company designed a program that started with customer discovery in Seoul and ended with four weeks in Baltimore for research in the US ecosystem, developing partnerships and identifying opportunities for commercialization in the US. The most recent graduate, ExoRenal, received commercialization funding from NRF, and is a Resident of LaunchPort – working on the development of next generation technology for home dialysis.

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MIDC Market Reach America

The Maryland Israel Development Center (MIDC), in cooperation with the Israel Innovation Authority, the Abell Foundation, the University of Maryland and the Maryland Commerce Department, sponsored a dozen Israeli companies in a joint Israel/Maryland customer discovery program. The MVR Company designed and led the curriculum for a program that started in Tel Aviv, and concluded for two weeks at The LaunchPort. The 12 week program started with the fundamentals of customer discovery and value proposition validation, and progressed through the investigation of Israeli and US stakeholder systems. Principles of regulatory and reimbursement processes, as well as the techniques to verify key business model assumptions were covered via teleconference, with the program concluding with extensive in-country networking for the teams in the Maryland/DC region.

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