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LaunchPort expands Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Ventures, and Consulting Activities

During late 2021, Indianapolis based Engineered Medical Systems and Pulmodyne, Inc., owners/operators of Engineered Medical Systems – Baltimore, were acquired by Intrasurgical UK. (

At that time the LaunchPort LLC partners, Bob Storey and Jeff Quinn, acquired the Baltimore manufacturing operation and integrated it into LaunchPort as a wholly owned subsidiary.  The site was re-registered with the FDA, and LaunchPort is pleased to announce that conversion of the ISO-13485 certification for the new ownership has been completed with Intertek.

LaunchPort, LLC is currently undergoing expansion to approximately 30,000 square feet in the Port Covington City Garage Science and Technology Center, and operates in four main business areas:

  • LaunchPort Manufacturing – contract manufacturing for electromechanical medical devices and accessories
  • LaunchPort Service and Supply Chain – post market service of devices, and customer fulfillment services
  • LaunchPort Ventures – Residency, Mentoring, and Operational spaces for early stage and emerging growth Medtech companies
  • LaunchPort Consulting – Domestic/International Innovation training,  design/implementation of healthcare behavior change programs, subject matter consulting partnerships


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